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3 Tips for Picking Your Payroll Provider

By James Rowbotham, Senior Director, PrideOne

Sep 14, 2023

In every industry and across all geographies, one thing is absolutely true: payroll excellence isn’t optional for any business that uses contingent workers. Unfortunately, perfecting a company’s payroll program can be as complicated as it is critical—so complicated that it requires experts to get it right. So, how do you determine who you can you trust with one of the most important components of your contingent workforce program?

PrideOne’s James Rowbotham has a simple solution: three key factors every leader should consider when comparing payroll providers:

Dedicated customer service, exceptional candidate experience management, and comprehensive payroll expertise—find a provider that can offer these three things, and you’ll have a true partner in your business’s success.

Want to learn more? I’m always happy to walk folks through how we define payroll excellence here at PrideOne. Get in touch and let’s chat about what your business requires from a payroll provider.